Our Vision & Objective

Welcome to the beautiful world of photography. From the advent of Photographic Association of Coochbehar we are giving our earnest effort to spread and enhance the Art, i.e. Photography. As an association we have attained some notable achievements through the years. We are delighted that with our unflagging interest towards the art, we are able make an impression worldwide. Our goal is to spread the fume of the art to all. Through our members’ untiring effort, we are able to make our club one of the leading photography clubs in India. Our dream is not restricted only to Fine art photography but we have played a decisive role in Nature conservation too. Our endeavors through the years would not have been so successful if we do not get the love and support from our friends from all over the world. Thanks for that. Be with us and recharge your passion - Members

Legendary Photographers Felicitated with Hon. FPAC

K. G. Maheshwari

We are too proud to confer first Hon. FPAC to a man who has dedicated almost 7 decades of his life to photography, a living legend in the field of photography.

Anil Risal Singh

Our benumbed respect to this legend for his outstanding contribution towards photography. His brilliant works and pleasing personality is always an inspiration

Dr. Shivji Joshi

We're overjoyed to confer Hon.FPAC to an immensely talented & gifted photo-artist who is still putting all his energy to better this form of art in a humble way.

Anup Paul

This year the Hon.FPAC has been conferred to the outstanding photographer, who has also achieved the distinctions of MFIAP & ARPS.



  • Online submission for Exposure 2017 has started
  • Closing date for Exposure 2017 is 26th November
  • Maximum 4 images can be submitted in each of the following 5 sections: Monochrome, Colour, Nature, Travel and Theme: Woman
  • Like every year we celebrated World Photography Day on 19th August
  • For heartfelt condolences for K. G. Maheshwari's recent demise
  • Photographic Association of Coochbehar continues to be the best photography club in FIP inter club contest for 3rd time
  • It is our pleasure to unveil our new website with a trendy look

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